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Introducing Blue Light Rays

Posted on 17 April 2015

With the increase in our use of smart phones, tablets and computers our exposure to blue light has also increased. Blue light being the spectrum of light emitted from most screens. Whilst blue light does improve the brightness of our devices, too much of it can result in fatigue and visual stress.

An anti-glare coating has been developed to help reduce fatigue and visual stress. Whereas traditional anti-glare coatings have a clear, green appearance to them, our new Blue Light Rays helps to eliminate blue rays from entering the eyes.

Jo who heads up customer services at My Glasses Club has been trying them out and says "I’ve been wearing my Blue Light Ray lenses for several months now. The blue coating is very clear to look through and when I’m using my smart phone or tablet the images are bright and clear. I have noticed that if the lighting is poor that I get blue reflections on the lenses, but I normally wear them when I am using my computer at work so any help reducing eye stress and fatigue has been worth it"

If you would like to try out our Blue Light Rays you can select them at our checkout under Lens Extras.

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