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Save money by buying glasses online

Posted on 08 July 2015

For most glasses wearers we dread that phone call from the opticians notifying us that we need a new eye test and what is usually a new pair of specs. Nobody welcomes any added expense at a time when we are all taking our summer holidays. But for some it is welcome news and an opportunity to get a new look.

For those beating a path to the opticians door the process of buying a pair of glasses in the UK can feel more like a doctors appointment. White coats, equipment you would expect to see in a hospital ward and everything just feels very serious.

Most of this is down to how the optics industry was originally built around the NHS system which is very prescriptive in nature. These days the clever opticians out there have brushed off the medical image and are moving down the European route and leading with a fashion focus. So it's no surprise that our friendly European neighbours typically own 5 pairs of glasses compared to our paltry 1.1. 

When we got into the glasses business we wanted to make buying glasses online easier and more fun so that we could encourage greater glasses ownership here in the UK. It's a perculiar fact that most people own more pairs of shoes that glasses. After all we wear our glasses on our faces all day and they have an enormous impact on how we look. So we've always felt owning multiple pairs makes sense - so you can change your look regularly and have specific pairs with specific lens technology for your hobbies and interests.

But that sounds expensive doesnt it?! So I suppose we can't blame the NHS for making glasses boring because there is also a big expense that goes hand-in-hand with owning lots of glasses.

And I suppose that is where I would like to think My Glasses Club comes in and saves the day. You see, because we don't have a high street presence we can pass on our savings directly to our customers and offer additional services that you won't find anywhere else - like our complimentary breakage and theft cover which comes as standard on all our glasses.

And with most of our glasses and lens packs giving savings of more than 50% AND with our 0% interest scheme which lets you repay your glasses from as little as 99p per month we like to think we're making glasses ownership more affordable without compromising on style and quality.

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