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Does wearing glasses weaken your eyesight?

Posted on 19 August 2015

Many people think that wearing glasses weakens eyesight. But are they right? My Glasses Club takes a closer look.

There have been various studies across the world looking at the effects of eyewear on eyesight. But many have concluded that there is little evidence to suggest that spectacles make eyesight worse and that physiological theory is a better indicator in explaining why many are convinced that glasses have made their eyesight worse.

As we get older our lens stiffen which makes it harder for our eye to focus on objects. This is a problem which gets gradually worse as we age.

Now, if you have worn glasses since being at school you will have a better understanding of this degradation, having witnessed it growing up and watching your glasses lens get gradually thicker.

But for many, wearing glasses is a new thing. Perhaps you noticed your eyes were getting tired quicker or reading became more difficult. So you visited the optician and found out you needed glasses – albeit with a small prescription.

So you buy a pair of prescription glasses and away you go. As soon as you start wearing your new glasses things seem to be a lot clearer. Your world is now in high definition and reading is a breeze. But when you take your glasses off it is even more noticeable how much you now need them.

This physiological contrast leads many into feeling convinced, anecdotally, that their glasses have made their eyesight worse. It is like watching a Blu-ray and wondering how you ever got by watching VHS tapes!

And so, whilst many decided against glasses for their own reasons, the risk of damaging your eyesight should not be one of them.

So if you can't blame glasses for worsening eyesight, perhaps you can blame screens? Apparently not... 

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