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Hello, we're My Glasses Club

The faces behind My Glasses Club

...and we're not your typical glasses retailer, oh no. We're a club on a mission to change the way you buy glasses online forever.

We set out to make buying glasses more fun and leave you feeling looked after. We think that's what a club is all about. So we made a promise to ourselves that we would serve every single customer (or member as we like to say) with love.

You won't find what we offer anywhere else - we've checked! And if we've done our job right the last thing you will remember is the glasses we sold you. And that's why we like to think we don't just sell glasses, we sell much more than that. So join us on our journey and help put a splash of colour back into the way people buy glasses...forever!



 Free delivery within 5 days
 365 day returns
Free 12 month cover against damage/theft on all glasses
 Our Buy one give one promise

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