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Our Lens Package

Lens Packages for your prescription glasses 

Every pair of spectacles purchased from us includes an ultra-thin 1.6 index lens which has UV400 protection, anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings. Usually you would have to pay extra for this type of lens but we have included it free on all our glasses.  

We also offer various lens extras like Transitions, Polarised, Blue Light Rays, Tints, Varifocals, Bifocals and even thinner lenses. Shop them here.

Our lens prices:

Ultra-thin 1.6 index lens ✔ INCLUDED                                                                  
Anti-scratch ✔ INCLUDED


Varifocals £70.10
Bifocals £40.10
Transitions £50.10
Polarised £50.10
Blue Light Rays £50.10
Tints £15.10
1.74 index upgrade £25.10

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