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Happy Customers

Happy customers buying glasses online
declan shares his story and why he shopped with My Glasses Club

Declan's story

(1) Why did you shop with us? 
I need to buy a new pair of glasses and went with you because I loved the things you stood for.

(2) What was the service like?
It was refreshing, smooth and consistent and totally exceeded my expectations.

(3) Your first impression when you opened the box and saw your glasses?
A quality product with a lot of thought because of the added extras i.e. lens cleaner, cloth and case.

(4) Who was the first person you showed them too and what did they say?
My work colleagues whom were also interested by the idea, some of them had a look on the website themselves.

(5) Would you recommend us to a friend and why?
Definitely, due to the ease, competitive pricing and variety provided on the website.