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Your Prescription

How do I add my prescription to an order?
You can add your prescription by inputting the values at the checkout on our website. But we understand that not everyone carries their prescription around with them so you can also select to add it later which allows you to email or post a copy to us. And if you are having difficulties reading your prescription you can always call us on 0161 738 0001 for help.

How do I get a copy of my prescription?
Your optician is legally obliged to provide you with a copy of your prescription after an eye test. If they don't give it you make sure you ask them.

How recent does it have to be?
Your prescription must be no older than 2 years. Obviously intervals between eye tests vary depending on your age and health. It is really important to maintain regular eye tests to ensure you have the right lens in your glasses and to check your general eye health. 

How often should I get my eyes tested?

Age How often?
Under 7 yrs               Every year
7 - 16 yrs Every year
16 - 59 yrs Every two years
60 - 69 yrs Every two years, sometimes yearly
Over 70 yrs Every year

*If you are diabetic or you or a member of your family has glaucoma then it should be every year.

Do we have prescription limits?
Currently we can take prescriptions with a SPH between +/- 8.00, the CYL is between +/- 4.00. If your prescription is more complicated than this it would be better to give us a call on 0161 738 0001 to see what we can do.

Do you do Varifocal and Bifocal lenses?
Of course. 

Understanding your prescription
Opticians seem to write prescriptions in lots of weird and wonderful ways. It can make reading them and inputting them on our website somewhat confusing. Below we have listed some common prescriptions and how it should be inputted on our website. And remember, if you are still having difficulty understanding your prescription call us immediately on 0161 738 0001.

Adding Prescription to Glasses

What is PD or Pupilary Distance?
You PD is the distance between your eyes measured from the centre of your pupils. This is mostly important with high strength prescriptions so that the lenses are created to ensure concentration of the prescription is over your pupils. Often the PD will not be on your prescription so just ask your optician for your PD during your eye test.

If you don't have your PD there are three things you can do:

(1) You can send us your glasses and we can take the measurement from them. Luckily your PD never changes. 
(2) If you have a webcam you can use PD measuring tools like this but you'll need a webcam.
(3) Or you can simply use the National PD average of 63mm which is usually fine for the majority of people.
(4) Or you can ask a friend to measure it for you using a ruler.


Measure you PD for your prescription glasses